The Sayers Foundations’ mission is to support K-12 schools, administrators, and teachers who are challenging the status quo by implementing successful technology-based learning models.

Every child deserves a high-quality public education and we are determined to identify and support those schools who believe that all children are deserving.

We are education reform advocates, financial supporters, and partners to schools whose primary objective is to prepare students to be more college and or career ready, and more capable of succeeding in an increasingly technology-driven global economy.

Extraordinary change requires extraordinary people. Sayers Foundations’ mission and work rest on a fundamental belief that smart investments in leadership generate significant returns. We believe that for schools, districts, and systems to enable all children to achieve at high levels, we must focus on effective teaching and the quality of leadership and management of these schools, districts, and systems. Teachers and principals operate within a larger education ecosystem. Having outstanding leaders and managers running that ecosystem is necessary to attract, develop, and retain effective teachers and principals in high-performing schools serving low-income students and to ensure strong and consistent system-wide results.

For more than two decades, Chicago leaders have been working to improve educational opportunities for children. While a 2011 report by the University of Chicago’s Consortium on Chicago School Research highlighted significantly improved high school graduation rates, the report also found that the vast majority of public school students there are not achieving at levels necessary to prepare them for college.

Now, a new mayor and superintendent are taking dramatic steps to improve education, recognizing that children need more hours in the school day to make needed achievement gains. Civic leaders are joining the mayor to explore how to dramatically accelerate the opening of great new schools, particularly in high-need neighborhoods.

How many children in each community go to a school that is preparing them for a life of options in a competitive world? Is that number greater this year than it was last year?

In the U.S., only 11% of students from low-income communities graduate from college. All students deserve access to a high-quality education so they can succeed in college and or a career in the world beyond. At Gale Sayers Foundation, we want to be part of the larger education solution, helping schools and districts provide students with transformative opportunities.

Demographics Should Not Determine Destiny

In low-income communities across the nation, only one in ten students graduates from college. This statistic is a result of years of underserving students. The education students receive in elementary through high school is not preparing them to matriculate to college, much less preparing them to thrive and ultimately graduate. Without a college degree, young people will face an array of challenges in the future, from a higher likelihood of unemployment to a loss in lifetime earnings. At Gale Sayers Foundation, we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

At the Gale Sayers Foundation, we are firmly committed to identifying, and supporting those underserved schools who are achieving positive student outcomes with often times limited financial resources. Our commitment to supporting these schools begins and ends with the belief that if underserved schools can produce higher than average student outcomes with limited financial resources, then they can achieve more with additional  funding and support.

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