The Gale Sayers Foundation is dedicated to supporting underserved schools in Chicago who are utilizing innovative and technology-based learning methods to better prepare students for college and/or career.

Geography Should Not Determine Destiny

Regardless of the community a student lives in, it should not determine the level of public education he or she receives. Every child deserves a high-quality public education…

The Problem

20% of Chicago Public Schools are considered below the current acceptable classroom technology standards.

Why That Matters?

Students attending schools that fail to provide access to next-generation technology and curriculum are 5 times less likely to attend college or find skilled labor upon graduation.

“The Digital Divide”, the difference between schools with an abundance of technology access and resources and those schools without the financial means to meet the needs of critical classroom technology investments. You can simply call it, The Haves and the Have Nots”.

The Solution

Create an education grant program and initiative to Identify and fund Chicago public schools with the greatest need, who can also demonstrate the necessary leadership to implement an effective technology based Blended Learning curriculum.

Together with Chicago Public Schools Technology Information Department the Gale Sayers Foundation has developed an RFP process that identifies schools with the highest classroom technology needs and capable leadership skills to wisely invest our education grants. Our goal through our education grant program is to help fund the annual capital investment requirements of many of Chicago’s neediest school applicants. Our goal is to invest 1 million by the end of 2016 and 10 million by the year 2020.

What’s The Impact?

Access to next generation classroom technology has long-term consequences. In this ever increasing Global Technology world students with access to the best classroom technology and instruction will continue to have a competitive advantage when competing for college scholarships and careers.

Blended Learning instruction can be impactful in the following ways:

Improves efficiency
Blended learning allows teachers to use a combination of digital instruction and one-on-one face time to improve efficiency in the classroom. When students use adaptive learning technologies to work on their comprehension of new concepts, teachers can use the additional class time to give struggling students the individualized attention that they need. Rather than playing to the lowest common denominator – as they would in a traditional classroom – teachers can now streamline their instruction to help all students reach their full potential.

Saves money
Education can be extremely expensive. From continually reordering textbooks so they’re up to date to having school supplies on hand, the costs add up. Blended learning can help school districts save money by allowing students to bring their own technology devices to class to take full advantage of the adaptive learning software. The use of e-textbooks, which can also be accessed on computers, tablets and e-readers, may also help drive down costs.

Personalized learning
Blended learning is able to personalize education in a way that a more traditional classroom setup simply cannot. When teachers stand in front of a sea of desks and educate students about a new concept, kids of varying academic skill levels are not able to take extra time or work ahead as they may need. Blended learning allows students to work at their own pace, making sure they fully understand new concepts before moving on.

Better student data
Software used with blended learning programs is able to collect student data that measures academic progress. In this way, teachers can clearly see the areas in which each individual student is excelling, and where he or she may need a little more guidance, and act accordingly.

Common Core State Standards
Digital fluency is a goal of the Common Core State Standards, and states working to implement the new academic guidelines will need to make sure that technology is integrated into a variety of subject areas. Blended learning can easily accomplish this task

“Blended learning is a powerful enabler of self-motivated learning and increased teacher support.”

How You Can Help

If you are seeking the best charities to donate to in Chicago or are looking for excellent sponsorship opportunities, strongly consider our organization. Sponsor an event, volunteer, serve on one of our boards, or just use your influence to make a positive difference in Chicago’s public education system.