1. 6 Reasons Colleges Should Adopt Cloud Services

    Access to the cloud and to cloud services is a high priority for colleges and universities today, as indicated by recent independent surveys from the Center for Digital Education and Educause. The reason? The cloud is seen as an effective way to address evolving service needs while holding the line on budget. Further, CIOs tell us that the prime motivators revolve around supporting student and fa…Read More

  2. Why Technology-Based Assessments Fill an Important Role in Instruction

    We live in an age of assessment in education. One of my friends -- who happens to be a vice president of a large banking institution -- loves to post about the paradox of assessment. We need to know how students are learning and if they are mastering concepts and skills, and we often use that information to determine teacher effectiveness. Though assessment has become a high-stake component of ed…Read More

  3. The Education Building’s Interior Matters

    Have you ever driven through a community and noticed school campuses? It may be because I’m an educator, but I notice all types of learning campuses. Elementary schools are typically full of bright colors on signage and oftentimes feature lush landscaping, all of which is inviting. Middle schools look a little different; they try to represent the students they serve by using bold colors and sig…Read More

  4. Why Educators Must Teach Students Social Media Etiquette

    Kids are funny, but adults are funnier. I was an early adopter of Facebook -- I was so excited for an interface where I could virtually connect with friends all over the world given that I moved 16 times before I landed in Nashville 22 years ago. And as it turns out, I was not a great letter-writer. As you could guess, I fell out of touch with many friends from other parts of the country. But whe…Read More

  5. Adaptive Learning: What Can It Do for Students?

    Learning is supposed to be fun, but not all students experience it that way. Sometimes they encounter learning challenges because a teacher's presentation of the materials doesn’t sync up with their learning style. Because I’m an active learner, for instance, I don’t respond well to lectures — and when I was in school, most teachers preferred to lecture. In some subject areas, I would fin…Read More

  6. Interactive Video Lessons Bring the World into the Classroom

    What do an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee and a World War II museum in New Orleans have in common? Videoconferencing programs that students can watch from anywhere in the world. In Hohenwald, Tenn., there is an amazing elephant sanctuary where elephants who have been in circus and side shows go to retire. It is a non-profit organization supported by grants and donations, and if you would like to…Read More

  7. 5 Tips to Make Professional Learning Fun

    There is no question that professional development for educators is imperative, but the last thing teachers want to do is participate in bad professional development. Faculty training shouldn't be boring; it should be inspiring, enlightening and enthralling -- and should model the expectations that schools and universities have for good instruction. Here are five tips to conducting great professi…Read More

  8. Coding Conversations: What’s All the Fuss About?

    Within the first 10 minutes of the 2016 State of the Union Address, U.S. President Barack Obama noted that all students in the United States should learn how to code. Developers use different coding languages to create applications, and without coding, we would have no way to communicate with the devices we have come to know and love. We would have no way to connect with the Internet, and the vas…Read More

  9. Wanted: Smarter ERP Systems for Schools

    If school districts want to be effective, they must embrace the efficiencies that technology offers. As the market has done with businesses, it too is forcing school districts to be more efficient with their time and resources while achieving better results. To do this, districts have to improve their overall enterprise resource planning (ERP) process. District staff members are shouldering new b…Read More

  10. Why K-12 Education Needs Integrated HR Solutions

    In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of using enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools to make timely, data-based decisions in K-12 school districts. Now let's talk about the human resources (HR) capabilities within these tools. Demands for hiring, developing and maintaining quality teachers and staff have never been greater. With HR tools, the HR team can proactively enable distri…Read More