Small and big businesses alike need to take the opportunity to get involved in their Chicago community and help give back. If you are looking for the best charities to donate to in Chicago, there are plenty in which to choose. Charities and nonprofits all over Chicago are looking to help accomplish their goals and your company’s success can be beneficial to them. Picking which charity in which to donate is not an easy task, do your homework and choose what fits for you. But no matter who you choose, giving back to the community will benefit your company.

Tax Breaks- The hours your company spends volunteering and your charitable contributions can all be claimed in taxes. By itemizing your deductions, you can write off time and money spent for each charity you are involved with. Just make sure you keep track of time and money spent on each charity.

Employee Perks- You give your employees perks like catered foods and coupons for free yoga lessons. In recent surveys, over 60 percent of employees between the ages of 18 and 26 would prefer working for a company that offers volunteer opportunities. As a business owner, you feel good donating time to a charity, as will your employees. Just think how this will attract the types of candidates you want working for you. In addition, giving your employees time to participate in events during work hours is fun and a great way to boost morale.


So join your community in fighting for a cause that means something to you.