Americans donate over 300 billion annually to their favorite charities with the average amount equaling nearly 5 percent of a household’s discretionary income. But charity does not always imply giving away money, one can give their time to a needy cause. Yet, despite a long history of giving, there are those who do not donate to any cause for various reasons. One of the best charities to donate to in Chicago lists a few reasons to give.

Your capacity for love is increased when you give. Donating makes you feel rich. It makes you realize that even if you don’t have much, you have enough to share with others.

Donating a little bit of your money or time may not seem like much, but when your donation is added to others, it becomes something a whole lot bigger. Your donation really does make a big difference.

Making a donation can help you earn respect. Philanthropy is a noble act that people with a good heart fall into, earning respect from their peers and the community in general.

Donating to a charity helps you boost your own motivation to go further in life. Since giving is a fulfilling act, it will help in your own personal motivation.

Donating is a wonderful opportunity to give back to a community that we take so much from. Charity can be given to your old school, neighborhood or community. It is a sign you have not forgotten where you came from.

But the most important reason to give to a charity is because you can.