Some of the best charities to donate to are those who support our local schools right here in Chicago. If this phrase sounds familiar, it is because we use it all the time. You see, people really have a hard time grasping just how important our schools are to us. It goes way beyond simply educating our children. We have discussed the benefits of healthy and vibrant schools before, and we will continue.

There is plenty of research that shows that robust school systems translate into higher property values. An investment in your local schools is an investment in your home. This ultimately means more money in your pocket in the long run if the schools in your area thrive.

Just think about how many people are employed by Chicago schools and school districts. Thousands of school employees support our local businesses every day, which helps build a more stable and prosperous community for all of us.

Schools do more than just teach children the basics, schools are inspiring. Teaching a student to love or thrive in a subject they hate is certainly no small task, yet this is what occurs every single day of the week in schools from all around.

Public schools provide an opportunity for kids to learn and compete in all sorts of sports. Sports are a great way to develop a spirit of competition and a wonderful way to get some exercise. Sports in school also teach our children about respect, integrity and following the rules.

Perhaps it is time your company did its part in supporting our schools here in Chicago.