Some of the best charities to donate to in Chicago are the ones who support our local schools. There are many reasons to support our local schools, here are just a few.

The cornerstone of our democracy is in our well-educated children. Our well-being as a nation depends on citizens who are educated and well informed.

Improved education helps reduce your tax burden. For every dollar you spend on our education system and helping keep kids in school, the future costs of social programs like welfare, intervention services and prison will go down. It costs less to support kids in our education system than to have to support them years down the road when they can become a burden in society. Education does help secure a positive future for all citizens.

Public schools need to do what they must in order to meet the needs of all children in all types of families. Our public schools do not turn children away. Public schools serve us all, whether we have children with physical, mental or emotional disabilities, just as they equally serve those who are extremely gifted.

Public schools are the places where our children develop interactions and a better understanding among people from various religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The vast majority of jobs require a minimum of a high school education, a trend that will only continue in the future. There is simply no question that a high school diploma is a necessity to succeed in our job force.

Investing in our public schools is an investment in our country’s future.