If you are a corporation looking for sponsorship opportunities in the Chicago area, you should take us into serious consideration. We are dedicated to supporting underserved schools in Chicago who utilize technology-based learning methods to help better prepare our children for the future. And since tablets are replacing textbooks and we can research just about anything on our smartphones, the way in which we use technology will continue to transform our lives.

According to several studies, students prefer technology because they feel it makes learning more fun and interesting. Students especially like learning on laptops and tablets. Studies that have been traditionally considered boring garner new attention because they suddenly become more compelling when studied through new technologies. What was once deemed boring as a mere lesson or read becomes exciting as a video, virtual lesson or seen on a tablet.

There is the perception by students that technology helps them retain information better. And according to recent studies, they may actually be correct in this self-assessment. In one study, 18 2nd grade students completed a Power Point project about an animal. After the project, 16 of the 18 students remembered more facts about the animal after completing the presentation. Indeed, technology does help students remember what they learn.

Technology also enables students to learn at a pace more comfortable for them. Students learn new material according to their abilities. Teachers benefit from this as well as it enables them to work more with those students who are struggling.

It is time for all of our classrooms in Chicago schools to embrace and benefit from technology. Help us to not leave anyone behind.