Many savvy small businesses in Chicago are affiliating themselves with notable charities through sponsorship opportunities to help market their business. This serves not only as a primary means to help develop a powerful network but also helps others as well. People like to support those businesses that offer support for charitable causes. And don’t for a moment think that charities are oblivious to these marketing motivations. Most charities are well aware of the benefits companies enjoy with sponsorship.

Choosing a charity can sometimes be a bit confusing. Look for a charity that you believe in, one that you believe you can have fun with as you give them your time and energy. The nice thing about sponsoring a charity involved with education is that there is benefit for the entire community. That is, people from all walks of life hold an interest in how well our children are educated.

Bur perhaps the biggest benefit a business enjoys when getting involved ibn a local charity is the opportunity to network. When sponsoring a charitable event, make sure you have people on site and mingling with the crowd. The more you get involved with a charity, the more opportunity you have to network. Not only will your meet more people who may share similar interests, you will certainly encounter a broad representation of the population. That is, you will network with people you never thought could benefit your business.

If you are seeking sponsorship opportunities or the best charities in Chicago to donate to, please consider the Gale Sayers Foundation.