Public schools aren’t perfect, far from it at times. There is no doubt we all do what we can to ensure a better public school system, and the proof is in the number of charities that support our schools and the students who attend these public schools. However, there is plenty that is right about our public schools. Let’s focus on the positive aspects of public schooling.

Every year, millions of students graduate from our public school system, several thousand of those from schools right here in Chicago. These students have completed a curriculum that is the toughest ever seen, with standards that get increasingly more difficult. Our public schools teach calculus, study advanced chemistry and teach children to program computers and perform music. And though there are gaps between students in our country, our school system is not to blame. A big portion of the blame for these gaps has more to do with poverty than anything else, a problem that continues to expand.

There have been several studies that refute the belief private schooling is better than public schooling. One of the ways that private schools can portray themselves as superior is simply because they hold the ability to hand pick who attends. It is far too easy to show off your students’ academic ability when you refuse to enroll those who test low.

The point we want to make is that there are many reasons to support our public schools. There are several reasons you should examine sponsorship opportunities that help our Chicago public schools. Call us for details.