Education has gone through major changes in the last decade or two. The advent of education technology has taken the previously existent classroom teaching to a whole new level. From smart boards to e-books to online classes, many innovative educating methods that combine the power of knowledge and technology have come about to create a better learning experience for the students from all sectorsacross the globe. Educational apps are the latest innovations in the field of education technology. They create a virtual reality of classrooms by connecting students and teachers over the internet. Many start-ups thrive on developing such apps and these are gradually gaining high popularity.

Benefits of Educational apps

The educational apps make the mighty task of knowledge imparting much simpler and often more enjoyable. Here are a few benefits you can get from using Educational apps,

  • Time saving – education technology in general pave the way to save a lot of time. Educational apps in particular take this factor a notch higher. You don’t have to waste time travelling to your class or wait for your teachers to be available. You can just log into the app and connect to your tutor with ease.
  • Cost saving –the best benefit that edtech gives to all parties involved is cost saving. For educators, overhead costs of managing staff, and place and physical assets need to be allocated are reduced to a great extent. Since cost incurred by the provider is low, the education process through an app also tagged with comparatively lower price. This means the student (and likely their parents) also saves.
  • Self paced – educational apps give you the liberty to learn at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You don’t have to feel less than others who may learn faster. You also can schedule your learning as per your convenience.
  • Professional guidance –through these apps, you can easily get in touch with professional coaching experts from across the globe, which otherwise would be difficult. The apps create augmented reality which connects educational experts to the students in the simplest way possible.
  • Wide variety – edtech through apps will give you a wide variety of choice when it comes to topics that you can learn. You can learn about painting or you can learn about the NFL or you can even learn about programming languages; the choice is completely up to you.

Even Charity organizations like Gale Sayers Foundation support this kind of education. The Foundation ensures that underprivileged students in Chicago get quality education. Our Hall of Fame Mission is aimed at learning methodologies that work, are cost effective and serve students in need.

Hope you have liked this post and will utilize the learning options rendered by education technology to the maximum. We’ll take this topic further in our next post by exploring potential applications of audio/visual virtual reality on delivery of education content. This will give you wider knowledge and fresh perspectives about how technology has made teaching and learning an easier task and how you can make the most out of this setup.